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If you have a loved one who has died and are considering a funeral, please contact the parish office to set up a time to talk to our clergy about making these arrangements. All funeral services are conducted according to the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer with music and other provisions subject to the discretion of our clergy.
Preplanning your Funeral
We encourage all parishioners to consider funeral planning ahead of time, making choices today that can help create peace of mind in the future. Funeral planning is also a profound help to family members who, in many cases, would be uncertain of how to proceed with a loved one’s wishes. Funeral planning is a concrete way to prepare for a process all of us will experience. Our Christian faith tells us that death, and preparing for that death, is not a failure or the end of hope.

St. Anskar’s has prepared information that guides the planning process for all persons involved. Funeral planning is appropriately done in the context of pastoral conversation with our parish priest. Please feel free to contact our priest about initiating the planning process.